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Can Printfection handle or send non-promotional products?


This article covers the types of products that Printfection can send and support through its service. 

Printfection cannot send non-promotional products to end-users or customers, here's why:

  • Some products have legal issues depending on their distribution rights: for instance, do we have permission to store and send the item?
  • Sourcing certain products requires very particular vendors that can't match our timing and documentation requirements.
  • More expensive or high-end products have legal and insurance risks when stored at our fulfillment facility.
  • Certain products and product-types may have custom storage, shippring or other requirements that we can't match. 
  • Our system is built to support products that we can source and print. Adding in a 3rd party product may not have all the requirements or details that our system needs. 
  • The process for dealing with lost or returned shipments may change depending on the type of product. 

For these reasons and more we can't send some products, especially non-promotional products. However, if you have a request that seems like it should be something we offer, please submit it to your account manager.

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