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After a campaign has run its course you might want to delete it from your Printfection account. This article gives a step-by-step breakdown of how to delete a campaign within Printfection.

Deleting a campaign 

  1. Go to the Campaign You Want to Delete
    From the Campaigns Dashboard select which the campaign type that you'd like to delete. 

  2. Go to the Campaign Settings Page
    Once on the Campaign Overview page you'll see a navigation item called Settings. Jump over to that page.

  3. Scroll to the Campaign Settings Section a quarter of the way down the Page
    You'll see a button to Delete Campaign under the "Campaign Payment Method", once you click this button you'll be asked to confirm.

  4. Delete the Campaign

    Confirm that you want to delete the campaign by typing 'delete' in the input box. Click the red Delete Campaign button.

    When you do this, any open orders (orders that have not been submitted — including gift codes and links) will be set to canceled and will no longer be usable. All placed orders will still be exist and be searchable from the Order Search page.
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