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Managing Users in Printfection


Printfection has the ability for multiple users to log into the system. This allows each user to place their own orders and manage their own campaigns. There are two types of users in the Printfection platform — this article covers each user type and their level of access. 

User Types

Full Users

Full users can be thought of as administrators of Printfection. They have the ability to log in to the full platform and complete the following actions: 

  • Manage payment information 
  • Create and manage campaigns 
  • Create and place orders
  • Create and approve new items 
  • Create and place inventory orders
  • Create and remove users 

Limited Users

Limited users do not have access to the Printfection platform, instead they can only place orders for campaigns that have External Ordering enabled.

These users can submit orders for review (orders are reviewed by someone with a Full Access Printfection account).

How to Add a New User

You can easily add a new user to the Printfection platform from the Manage Users page located under the Account menu in the top-right navigation. 

Once on the Manage Users page you'll see a section called Invite a New User this is where you can enter a the new user's email address and a welcome message. You'll also want to specify the access level of the account, limited or full.

Whitelisting Domains for Access

A common use case with Printfection is that you may have many users accessing one campaign to submit orders, for example, a Sales Rep Collection Campaign that's tied to Salesforce.

In this case, you may want to allow many people to place orders through your campaign. Inviting each person one-by-one will take too long.

This is where Whitelisting comes into play. Now with Printfection you can whitelist domains and allow users with a corresponding email address to gain Limited account access. In essence, users can verify their email address and create their own account.

How the Whole Process Works

From the Manage Users page you can add additional whitelisted domains (your company domain will be automatically whitelisted). 

Now, when a user clicks the link to place a Collection Campaign order (perhaps on your company wiki or in your Salesforce integration) the anonymous user will be taken to a new page where they can enter their email address: 

If they enter an email address that has a corresponding whitelisted domain, they'll be prompted to confirm their email address and create their own account. At which point, they'll be redirected to the Collection Campaign to place their order.

If they don't have a whitelisted domain, they'll be denied access. See below: 

Seeing Who Submitted Each Order

Once an order has been submitted for review, seeing who placed it is easy. From the Collection Campaign Manage page you'll see the user's email address located on the bottom of the order line-item. 

Upgrading a User's Access

If you decide you want to allow a Limited User to have full access to Printfection it's just a click away. From the Limited Users table on the Account > Manage Users page just click Convert to Full User

Disabling a User

You can disable users any time using the Disable option from the same Manage Users page. Note that disabling a user no longer lets them log in. However, their account name will still show in Printfection for all relevant logging and reporting information. You can also re-enable a disabled account at any time.

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