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Collection campaigns: How to Import orders from a CSV file

Collection Campaigns allow you to gather swag orders from your internal teams easily so Printfection can handle fulfillment and shipping.  Using External Ordering you can set up a landing page and let users. This article outlines how to get orders into a Collection campaign is by importing them from a CSV file. This can also be used as a way to bulk-send orders from your favorite marketing automation or CRM software. The steps below walk through exactly how to import orders from a CSV. 

1. Create a CSV of your order information 

We recommend that you start by downloading an example CSV file by clicking here.  You can also download the example CSV from the Manage section of the Collection Campaign.



The CSV you use for collection orders must match have one column for each of these data elements. Ideally all fields will be present for each order, although they aren't required: 

  • First & Last Name
  • Company Name (Optional)
  • Street Address 1
  • Street Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Telephone # (Required for International Shipping)
  • Item Name
  • Printfection Item ID # (Optional, this ID can be found on your Item Details page, located at: 'Manage Items' > 'Item Manager' > 'Item Details')

  • Size Name
  • Quantity
  • Gift Message
  • Arrival Date

If there's more than one item type per order (such as a t-shirt and a mug) you can add each addition item as a new line. Like so:

For arrival date you must type a value or format from the following list:

  • Enter a date in the format 02/18/2017 and let the tool pick the method, you'll be able to approve it.
  • LowestCost - USA 1-2 is weeks and International is 2-6 weeks
  • Fastest - This will always include tracking unless you are shipping to a PO Box.  USA will pick next business day.  International will pick a day 4 days out
  • Other optional methods if shipping to the USA. These are methods you could map to an outside tool like Shopify. These methods add tracking
    • Standard 5 biz days + 1-2 days fulfillment
    • 2ndDay 2 biz days + 1-2 days fulfillment
    • NextDay 1 biz day + 1-2 days fulfillment

2. Go to or create a Collection Campaign

Now you'll choose Campaigns from the top menu, then collections. If you already have a Collection campaign created you'll click on that campaign.  If you don't yet have a Collection campaign, you can create by clicking on + Collection Campaign. 


3. Import Your CSV into your Collection Campaign

Now that you have a campaign open, you can go to the Manage page and select Import from CSV


Upload the CSV by clicking on Choose Your CSV File and then on Upload Now.  Notice that many of the important details about using the CSV file are available on the right hand side.  


Once the file is uploaded you'll be given a list of column names, you'll need to match these with the names from the the CSV file. We'll do our best to guess what columns are what.

4. Associate your items

If you were able to add your Printfection Item ID in the CSV you uploaded then your items should already be matched. However, if not, you'll need to associate your items. 

If you see item icons with a question mark, you'll want to open the order and match the product name from the CSV to the corresponding item. Simply click Select a Product and choose the matching Printfection item. 


We'll automatically detect other instances of this item association, and ask if you want to apply it to all orders. Choose Yes, Associate # Items.


You'll want to do this for any order that has items with a question sign, until all your items have been mapped. 

For each order you'll also see the estimated value of the order.  Estimates require that items were printed with Printfection (instead of your team sending them to us after being printed elsewhere).  They will also vary based on bulk discounts.  You may have various prices if you have placed orders at different quantity discounts.


Congrats, you've now matched all your items from the CSV to Printfection and are ready to place your orders!  Don't forget to click Place # Orders at the bottom of the screen.


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