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Follow Collection campaigns: How to Import orders from a CSV file

Collection Campaigns allow you to gather swag orders from your internal teams easily so Printfection can handle fulfillment and shipping. This article outlines how to get orders into a Collection campaign by importing them from a CSV file. This can also be used as a way to bulk-send orders from your favorite marketing automation or CRM software. The steps below walk through exactly how to import orders from a CSV. 

1. Create a CSV of your order information 

We recommend that you start by downloading an example CSV file by clicking here.  You can also download the example CSV from the Manage section of the Collection Campaign.

Note: split your spreadsheets by 100 orders each to optimize loading times in the system.



The CSV you use for collection orders must match have one column for each of these data elements. Ideally all fields will be present for each order, although they aren't required: 

  • Name
  • Company Name (Only enter a Company Name if shipping to an actual company/commercial address.  Please leave blank if shipping to an individual/residential address)
  • Street Address 1
  • Street Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Telephone # (Required for International Shipping)
  • Item Name
  • Product ID (This ID can be found on your Inventory Levels page, located at: 'Inventory>Inventory Levels> Items > ID Column). Please note this is the 7 digit value starting with an '8' you see below:
  • Kit ID (ONLY applicable if you have set up a kit with your merchandise specialist at Printfection - kits are also a Standard or Enterprise subscription feature only. This ID can be found on your Inventory Levels page, located at: 'Inventory>Inventory Levels> Kits > ID Column). Please note this is the 4 digit value starting with a '1' you see below:

  • Size (if applicable for a sized item)
  • Quantity
  • Gift Message
    • The message can accommodate up to 10 lines of text and 60 characters per line

    • The proper code is \\n to denote the line breaks for these to show correctly with the gift message

  • Arrival Date

A few things to keep in mind regarding sending multiple items and shipping speed...

If there's more than one item per order (such as a t-shirt and a mug going to the same recipient) you can add each additional item as a new line like the screenshot below: 

Please note: You do not need to fill in your Name, Company, Address, Address Line 2, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Email, and Telephone for every line if you are sending multiple items, it is only needed once!


For arrival date you must type a value or format from the following list of valid shipping methods:

  • Enter a date in the format 02/18/2017 and let the tool pick the method, you'll be able to approve it.
  • LowestCost - USA 1-2 is weeks and International is 2-6 weeks
  • LowestCostWithTracking - International is 2-6 weeks.
  • Fastest - This will always include tracking unless you are shipping to a PO Box.  USA will pick next business day.  International will pick a day 4 days out
  • Other optional methods if shipping to the USA. These are methods you could map to an outside tool like Shopify. These methods add tracking
    • Standard 5 biz days + 1-2 days fulfillment
    • 2ndDay 2 biz days + 1-2 days fulfillment
    • NextDay 1 biz day + 1-2 days fulfillment

Please note: you can choose to leave the Arrival Date field blank and Printfection will default Lowest Cost shipping.


2. Import Your CSV into your Collection Campaign

Now that you have a campaign open, you can go to the Manage page and select Import from CSV

Make sure that you only have a maximum of 100 rows of data so that you can properly import the file.


Upload the CSV by clicking on 'Choose Your CSV File' and then on 'Upload Now'.  Notice that many of the important details about using the CSV file are available on the right hand side.  


Once the file is uploaded you'll be given a list of column names, you'll need to double check that you have matched these with the names from the the CSV file. 


3. Review successful orders and/or fix any errored orders

For each successful order you'll see a green check box next to the order indicating that this was uploaded successfully. You will also see the estimated value of the order including estimated item value, shipping, fulfillment, and total order cost.



If you have an errored order, you will see it appear with a red exclamation point in a red shade:


If you click the errored order to expand it, you will see what the error is that is impacting your order from being successfully placed:



4. Place your successful orders in bulk! 

Once you are ready to place your orders - navigate to the bottom of the page and select 'Place Orders.' You can still place successful orders even if you have some that are errored as well (below you will see that this example had 6 total orders but 1 with an error, so 5 could be placed in bulk).



Having issues with this process still? Please feel free to contact for assistance! 

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