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Navigating the redesigned Printfection app

On July 8, 2017 the Printfection app was redesigned to further simplify swag management. A few things have changed with the redesign: 

  • Simpler navigation
  • Improved dashboards
  • Additional statistics

Simpler navigation

The app is now broken into the three main areas of swag management: Merchandise, Inventory, and Campaigns.


After clicking one of these, sub-navigation appears and you’re sent to a dashboard specific to that area of the app:



Here, the dashboard drills-down to focus solely on your merchandise. The sub-navigation does the same, allowing you to browse the catalog or check on your in-progress items.



Use the inventory tab to check inventory levels, replenish inventory, or view archived items.



Monitor your swag marketing programs in the Campaigns area of the app. Create a drop ship order, check the status of a giveaway or collection campaign, or create a brand-new campaign.

Improved dashboards

The new redesign includes four new dashboards:

  • Global
  • Merchandise
  • Inventory
  • Campaigns

Global dashboard

When you first login (or click the Printfection logo) the global dashboard appears, giving you a high-level summary of your swag marketing:


Merchandise dashboard

See your top performing swag items across your account, items running out of stock, and a complete list of your active and archived items, including the ability to search:


Inventory Dashboard

Check the status of your replenishment orders, get a total count of your inventory, and watch for any items that may have run out of stock.



Campaigns Dashboard

All of your campaigns at a glance. Spending broken down by campaign type, as well as stats on the top items shipped out over the last month, total pieces shipped, and total number campaigns.


Additional stats

Sprinkled throughout the redesign are a bunch of new stats to help you better manage and understand how your swag is performing. This redesign is just the beginning, laying the framework for us to add additional stats (and graphs!) in the future.


How do I create a new drop ship order or campaign?

First navigate to the Campaigns tab, then click on Dropship, Giveaways, or Collections to create a new campaign or an order within an existing campaign.

How do I order inventory?

Click on the Merchandise tab, then click Replenish Inventory.

How do I submit an item research request?

Click on the Inventory tab, then click Browse Catalog, and finally the green Item Research Request button. 

Where did my list of favorite campaigns go?

Favorites are located on the Campaigns tab, on the right-hand side of the secondary nav bar.

Will the new app work on mobile?

Yes, the redesigned app is responsive and more mobile friendly than before. The app is still designed primarily to be used on a laptop or desktop computer, but should work better than ever before on tablets and mobile devices.

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