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Follow Shipping instructions for sending in customer-sourced inventory

Send your own swag to Printfection! In the final stages of a customer-sourced inventory order, a packing slip is generated for you (or your third-party printer) to ship merchandise to Printfection using your own shipping carrier.

To ensure drama-free delivery to our fulfillment center, follow these instructions:

Packing instructions 

  • Use good quality boxes and tape securely
  • Organize and neatly pack all boxes with like items
  • Add the order# to the exterior of the box
  • Clearly number the outside of each box (i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc)
  • Include our PDF packing slip in each box. You don’t need to include the packing slip cover page.
If your third-party printer cannot include our packing slip, ensure the order number from the packing slip and your company name is part of the shipping address so we can identify the shipment. Here’s an example of how this should appear on the shipping label:

Printfection Fulfillment Center
Order #12345 - Your Company Name Here


Please note that Printfection will not accept and receive items into inventory if they arrive in poor condition. Poor condition consists of shipments that arrive:

  • With obvious and overt damage (i.e. leaking, shattered, ripped, dirty, etc)
  • Packed in a disorganized fashion
  • Unbranded, unless previously agreed upon by Printfection 
  • Without being set up in the customer's and added to an order 

Shipping instructions

Shipping yourself

  1. Print the packing slip PDF which you received when placing a customer-sourced order in the Printfection platform (here is a video of that process)
  2. Put one packing slip in each box
  3. Print your own shipping labels using the “Shipping To” address on the packing slip. Do not Google for Printfection’s shipping address! Our fulfillment center is located separately from our corporate office. Always ship to the address on your packing slip to avoid significant receiving delays.
  4. When possible, put your Printfection order number (eg. 354096) in one of the “reference fields” when creating your shipping label
  5. Tender the shipment to your local shipping carrier.

Shipping directly from a third-party printer

Ensure your printer follows these instructions! Unidentifiable “rouge” shipments may be refused, returned to sender at your expense, or best-case experience significant receiving delays.

  1. Download and send the PDF packing slip to your third-party printer
  2. Explain to your printer they must put one packing slip in each box. If they cannot include our packing slip, ensure the order number from the packing slip and your company name is clearly referenced on the shipping label so we can identify the shipment. Here’s an example of how this should appear:

    Printfection Fulfillment Center
    Order #12345 - Your Company Name Here

  3. If possible, instruct your printer should put your Printfection order number (i.e. 123456) from the packing slip in one of the “reference fields” when creating the shipping label
  4. Your printer will print their own shipping labels using the "Ship To" address shown on the packing slip.

Recommended shipping carriers and methods

You’re responsible for choosing the shipping carrier and ensuring the goods arrive undamaged to our fulfillment center. We recommend using a trackable method and buying insurance. For shipments under 70lbs, UPS and FedEx are popular options. As shipments start to exceed the 100lb mark, LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping carriers are often the most cost-effective option. If your carrier asks, our fulfillment center does have dock-high doors.

Dropoff & pickup

Shipments must be transported using a commercial carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc). Due to liability and logistical concerns, Printfection does not currently support drop-off or pick-up options for customer-sourced inventory. If you wish to have your inventory returned to you, you must create a drop-ship order within your Printfection account, paying the standard fulfillment and shipping fee. At this time, customer pickup is not possible.

Delivering imports to Printfection

Printfection’s fulfillment center is located in the United States. Any shipment to Printfection originating outside the United States will have to clear US Customs and Border Protection. An Importer of Record (IOR) is required for merchandise entering the United States. Printfection will not act as an IOR for any customer-sourced shipment.

The IOR is responsible for: (1) ensuring the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations, (2) filing a completed duty entry and associated documents, and (3) paying the assessed import duties and taxes.

Working with a customs broker may help you understand how to meet these requirements.

Duties, taxes, and shipping costs

Printfection will not be responsible for or collect any duties, taxes, or shipping costs associated with customer-provided inventory. All shipments are required to use Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), or sometimes referred to as “Free Domicile” shipping terms. Any shipment arriving to Printfection with collect charges, including any duties, taxes, or shipping costs will be refused without further concession.

Deliver-to party

Printfection may be listed as the “deliver to” party on your international shipping paperwork. Here is an example of how this should appear:

Printfection Fulfillment Center
[Customer Legal Name] c/o Printfection

Ultimate consignee

While Printfection will not act as the IOR, we may be listed as the Ultimate Consignee on your shipping paperwork. If you list Printfection as the ultimate consignee, your customs broker must contact in advance of shipment to obtain our EIN or Tax ID Number required for customs clearance.

Return of imports

Printfection is unable to guarantee the return of inventory stored in our fulfillment center to an address outside of the United States. While we ship to 200+ countries, due to complex and ever-evolving international regulations, we cannot guarantee customer-sourced items will be able to be exported outside the United States.

A note about responsibility

You’re responsible for getting customer-sourced merchandise to Printfection’s fulfillment center. This includes but is not limited to all shipping, customs (if shipping from outside the United States), re-routing and/or return costs (due to shipping address errors or delivery issues).

Pursuant to our Master Service Agreement, Printfection takes responsibility of customer-sourced merchandise once it has been marked as "received" within the Printfection application. However, at no point does Printfection take ownership of any of your merchandise and is only responsible for the storage and fulfillment of your merchandise while you are an active Printfection customer.


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