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We want to help you better understand the Printfection swag marketing platform and how it can solve your promotional product needs. Below is a list of frequent questions we get asked, if you don't see the question you're looking for, please feel free to reach out.

Q. Do you custom print products? Or just ship them?

A. We offer custom printing on tons of promotional products. Shirts, stickers, drinkware, and more. But, it doesn't stop there — Printfection's real value is in the software and account management. Our online platform handles inventory management, marketing, and fulfillment of all your promotional products.

Feel free to check out our promotional product options to see just some of the products we carry. And, if you want to learn more about our online platform simply take a look at our features.

Q. What printing methods do you offer?

A. Depending on the product we offer a variety of printing methods. From embossing and embroidery, to pad and screen printing. We do it all.

Q. How can I use swag to help my business?

A. Using swag to grow your business can work wonders. Our platform lets you run a variety of swag marketing campaigns, here are just a few examples of how our customers use Printfection:

  • Customer success and lead generation
  • Random acts of kindness for employees or customers
  • Yearly anniversary gifts
  • Event merchandise
  • Bug report thank-you gifts
  • Product launch goodies (flasks and pint glasses work great)
  • A redeemable t-shirt on business cards or email signatures
  • Hooking up twitter followers

Q. How does account management work?

A. When you sign up with Printfection you get a dedicated account team to handle all of your needs. A group of Customer Love pros who you can trust to get things done. We're here to make sure you feel confident in your Printfection experience.

Q. What methods can be used to pay for merchandise?

A. The Printfection application allows you to buy merchandise with a credit card or PF Cash order. PF Cash is money added to your account when you make a deposit with us. 

Q. Do you ship internationally? 

A. Yes, we ship to over 200 countries. We also handle customs and imports so you never have to deal with it. See full details here.

Q. Can I do a rush order?

A. Printfection's tools offer the ability for you to schedule orders weeks in advance, making it easier than every to reduce the need for rush orders.

Still, we know how things come up sometimes. If there's an immediate need will do our best to make sure your product arrives on time. Just ask what's possible. 

Q. What's the coolest thing about Printfection?

A. One time our co-founder Casey fought an alligator. Ha, just kidding.

The coolest thing about us is that we know what it's like to be time-crunched and looking for help. We also know a ton about using swag — after all, we built an entire platform for it! We're literally the world's only full-service swag marketing partner.

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