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Follow How Printfection works with your brand guidelines

This article explains how Printfection deals with your company branding guidelines. We realize many companies have restrictions around logo usage and typography — it is our goal to always properly represent your brand.

Typography and logo size

In certain situations printing on an item can require a minimum or maximum text or logo size.

If this text size requirement breaks your brand guidelines it's important to know that before moving forward. When choosing products it's important Printfection knows your brand sizing requirements.

  • If you have a brand guideline document please send it to your account manager alongside your artwork
  • If you do not have an explicit document but do have guidelines, please make sure those are conveyed to your account manager

Pantone (PMS) colors

We understand how finicky color can be in today's tech environment. A blue on one monitor looks very different on another one. In order for us to accurately color your artwork we must have your dedicated Pantone colors. 

  • If you have dedicated Pantone colors please include them with your artwork (and brand guidelines) when working with your account manager
  • If you are unsure of your exact colors, or only have HEX values, please ask your designer or design department for help
  • If you've worked with a printer previously you can reach out to them for the Pantone color information of your artwork
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