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Follow Standard t-shirt size guide

When buying inventory of apparel, you'll want to accommodate for a variety of sizes. Below is a best-guess list of standard size distribution — based on years of Printfection data.

Common size breakdown

Small 10%
Medium 25%
Large 30%
XL 25%
2XL 10%

So for example, to place the best order if you need 100 t-shirts, you’d select 10 Smalls, 25 Mediums, 30 Larges, 25 XLs, and 10 2XLs. Depending on the shirt style and audience, you may want to add a few 3XL and 4XLs too.

A note about fit/style

Remember that some brands have a slimmer fit than others. For instance, American Apparel shirts are very fitted. We recommend taking this into account when making purchases. Feel free to ask for a size/spec chart if you are unsure.

Plus-size pricing

Plus-size apparel items (sizes 2XL and larger) do carry an additional charge per piece to produce. Please keep this in mind when budgeting for your total printing order.


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