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Follow Quality vs. price: The value of swag

We're out to change the way people view promotional swag! Today it seems like everyone thinks promotional products are just cheap, dinky, throw-away items. This isn't the case.

Let's take a moment to talk about quality versus price and how you can get promotional products that are worth your customer's attention.

The principals of value 

Any savvy business person believes in the principals of value: paying a fair price for something that has a good return. Unfortunately, when it comes to promotional merchandise that understanding has been largely lost. 

Instead of wondering how to best capture a customer's attention, businesses are wondering how cheap they can get their products for. The problem is one of perception: cheaper is better for business. The truth though, is this: value is better for business

The truth about promotional products

Let's look at how people should be thinking about products: 

  • Businesses want the customer to use the product
    No one wants their gift t-shirt to be the once a month laundry day go-to. Instead they want it to be the once a week office attire.
  • The customer will gravitate towards quality
    Does the shirt feel good, does it fit well? Does the water bottle have some heft to it? Does that mug keep coffee warm for hours? No? Then it's money wasted, no matter how cheap the price was.
  • Businesses and customers know that quality costs a bit more
    No smart traveler buys the $200 Dell laptop with two hours of battery, even if it is cheaper. And no smart marketer should buy t-shirts that cost $3, it's the same mistake.

Now, let's talk about you

In the end, It's about spreading the word and getting people excited!

You want people to love your brand. You want them to chat endlessly about how great your company is. Every product you give can carry that goal forward. The more a product gets used the more your message spreads.

Yes, that $12 water bottle seems like a lot when you buy 100 of them. But guess what, it's going to be worth that extra value when your customer takes it to work and the gym every day. 

Look, we're not saying to buy $50 Gucci t-shirts for your customers. But, we are saying to stop thinking of swag as cheap. We are confident there's a way to make your budget work while still sending high-quality swag.

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