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Drop Shipping vs. Stocked Items


Drop shipping is a common term in the promotional product business used to reference the direct printing and shipment of merchandise. Below is a quick explanation of Printfection's drop shipping options and our new alternative of stocking items.

Does Printfection do drop shipping?

Yes. We can handle drop shipping like any other company you've used. See How to Place a Drop Ship Order for more details about placing your drop ship order.

In addition to traditional drop shipping we also offer the ability to stock items, which can allow for additional flexibility.

What are stocked items?

Traditionally, drop shipped items are shipped all at once as soon as the items are printed. Which would mean the plan is to use all of the items upon arrival (or keep the extras in an office closet).

Stocked items are a unique option that which allows you to order in bulk then use your inventory on-demand. See How to Buy Inventory or take a look at some of the benefits of storing inventory with Printfection below.

Stocked items can still be drop shipped any time

Stocking items with Printfection still allows you to receive a box of items at any time. It just means extra items are kept in our fulfillment centers for future use.

Items can be printed in higher quantities at a cheaper price

Because you're not shipping all the items to be used at once, you can buy more of them and receive a better price. You make less purchases and also receive faster shipping (because you're not waiting for printing). 

For example, if you go to a quarterly event you can pre-buy all of your shirts and save.

Items can be used at any time

Items that are stocked can be sent from our fulfillment centers at any time. For example, if you have 500 shirts stocked with Printfection and need 200 shirts for an event you can receive those shirts in a fraction of the time you're used to.

Inventory is easily tracked and purchased online

Inventory levels of your product can be monitored online with Printfection's application. When you're starting to run low you can replenish your inventory in just a few clicks.

Items can be shipped in multiple different ways

One-off gifts can be packed individually and shipped, event orders can be rolled and sent in bulk. Using centralized stock of your items allows them to be used in a variety of ways without any overhead to you.

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