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Follow Drop ship orders versus replenishing your inventory (send vs store)

Because you can print up a new batch of swag a few different ways within Printfection, it’s easy to confuse replenishing inventory with placing a drop ship order. Here’s an easy way to remember the difference:

  • Inventory replenishments never ship anywhere. It’s simply a way to re-up your swag within our fulfillment center so you can use it later within a drop ship, giveaway, or collection campaign.
  • Drop ship orders always ship somewhere. To a customer, an event, your office, etc.

Inventory replenishment flow

Item Printed → Stocked in Fulfillment Center

Drop ship flow

Items Printed → Shipped to Final Destination


Items Pulled from Inventory → Shipped to Final Destination


A combination of Items Printed & Items Pulled from Inventory → Shipped to Final Destination


Do I have to order inventory first?

No, you don’t. You can place a drop-ship order for any item in your account - even if you have no inventory. Keep in mind you’ll have to meet the minimum print quantity since we’ll need to print the items to fulfill your order. If you want to send just a few items somewhere, you’ll need to replenish your inventory first. Then, once you have inventory, you can place a drop ship order for as little as one piece.

Can I place a drop ship order for some items already in my inventory and some without inventory?

Yes, you can mix and match within a drop-ship order. Some items can be pulled from your stock, while others without stock can be printed and shipped directly off the factory floor to the final destination. You’ll likely receive multiple boxes as part of your order.

What’s the benefit of ordering inventory first?

Items that are stocked in your inventory can be shipped from our fulfillment center the same or next day. If you don’t have inventory, when you place a drop ship order it takes an extra ~10 business days to arrive since we have to print the item first.

Furthermore, you can save money by ordering inventory first. When you buy higher quantities all at once, it lowers your cost per swag item. Then, drop ship your inventory in small batches whenever and wherever you need it to go.

Does it cost extra to order inventory?

No. There’s no shipping cost to replenish inventory. You only pay shipping once, on the outbound drop ship order to the final destination. Inventory storage space is included in your Printfection subscription.

Can I place a drop ship order to multiple locations?

Currently, drop ship orders can only ship to a single location. If you’d like to ship merchandise to multiple locations, first place an inventory replenishment order. You’ll be notified once your items have been received into inventory. Then place multiple drop ship orders to ship your inventory to an unlimited number of locations.

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