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When it comes to using promotional product's the worst time-suck is distribution.

From packaging items one at a time, to coordinating the arrival of goods for an event — it's a hassle. This article explains how Printfection handles fulfillment and distribution for you.

What is fulfillment?

Fulfillment describes the process involved with prepping, packaging, and shipping products. For example, a t-shirt is rolled with a few stickers on the inside, secured with a size sticker, and then packed and shipped to a customer. 

What does Printfection handle?

All of it. Instead of you or your team working directly with the product and shipping, we handle it. Your products can be stored at a Printfection fulfillment center so they can be sent with ease anywhere in the world.

Let's look at an example: Event Merchandise

Say you want to have 100 t-shirts for an event, here's how it currently works with your existing vendor (not us): 

  • You place an order with your local printing vendor, or, through a site like CustomInk
  • Your shirts are printed (takes about 1 to 3 weeks) and then shipped to your office
  • You then hold onto the shirts until the event
  • When the event is close you either re-ship the shirts to the destination, or take them with you manually
  • You arrive at the event and hand out the shirts from the pile you received

Here's how that process works with Printfection: 

  • You place an order through Printfection's platform and you see the shirts show up in your online inventory

  • Your shirts are printed — or, if you've done this previously — are already stocked and ready-to-go at one of our fulfillment centers
  • When the event is coming up you simply submit an order to have the shirts arrive on a specific day. Also, if you want, you can use event packing and have the shirts pre-rolled and organized with size stickers

  • That's it! Your shirts will arrive on-time neatly organized. And you never have to pack, carry, or ship them
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