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You have champagne dreams and a beer budget. What do you do?

How to design on a budget

There is no doubt in anyone's mind the marketing value of a high quality product, but sometimes reality bites and makes you adhere to a budget. How do you still get a high quality product and still stay within your budget?

Simplify your artwork

More colors and complexity usually means a higher priced item. Simplify your 6 color design down to 2-3 colors to help stay on budget.

Get creative with your shirt color

You can use your shirt color as part of your design. Have a black t-shirt with an image of green, sky blue, and dark navy? Consider using the color of the shirt in place of the dark navy. Your 3 color imprint shirt just became a 2 color imprint. BAM!

Consider our other high quality options

Have your heart set on an American Apparel shirt but your budget is holding you back? We have a solution for that! Consider our Next Level apparel line. With similar quality and feel as American Apparel, you can still offer a high quality product in your budget. 

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