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Follow What if I already have merchandise from another vendor?

As long as you are on a Standard plan or higher, we can stock your existing merchandise when you start using Printfection. However, once you are on-board we can no longer accept new stock from other vendors. 

How to use a customer-sourced inventory to send in to Printfection

If you are on Standard or Enterprise you can send in stock from another vendor with a customer-sourced order. After that we can keep printing it for you at greater quality and a better cost.

Why Starter plans can't I continue to send you products from other vendors?

Receiving items, counting them, and integrating them into our system is not something we can do with our inventory system. With our printing network, quality-checks, and return policies, it isn't feasible for us to stock other merchandise on-demand. 

You get better quality and great prices with us!

By controlling the buying and printing through our service, we can assure printing quality and turn-around time. We can also get better all around pricing and turn-around times for all of our customers. 

Plus, buying with us is just a few clicks, and so much easier than dealing with multiple vendors and.. gasp.. email or fax machines!

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