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Follow Inventory: What happens after I place my replenishment order?

Learn what is coming after you've placed your inventory order. If by chance you've read How to Buy Inventory or watched the video, you'll want to know what happens afterwards?

What happens after you place your replenish inventory order?

  1. Once the order is placed in your account it will be immediately available to use in the Giveaway or Social Giveaway campaigns.
    • Even though your inventory hasn't been printed yet we will queue the orders up for your recipients as they redeem their free gifts.
  2. When the Inventory order is received and placed into production, we start printing your items.
  3. After the inventory has been printed its ready to be quality checked. This is where we check and count each item to make sure its up to our standards.
  4. From here the items are received, stocked, and linked to your account.

We now start sending out any orders redeemed from your Giveaways. You can now also start using your items for other orders in the system, such as events. 

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