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Follow Can Printfection do rush orders?

That deadline snuck up on you and you need swag NOW! Can Printfection do that? Yup!

Using Inventory to Avoid Rush Orders

The best way to avoid a rush printing order is to have the swag pre-ordered and stocked as inventory. This way, when you need your swag quickly, it can simply be pulled from your current stock and shipped out! This also allows you to get better pricing by buying in bulk. 

If you have questions on placing a stock order, see our how to buy inventory article.

Okay, cool, but can Printfection fulfill a rush order?

Sometimes! The truth is we can try to get your swag ordered quickly, but some items have minimum printing times that we can't avoid. In many cases we can place a rush order, but it depends. The best option is to keep your swag stocked on-hand so you can easily send it when you need it. 

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