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Follow What information is needed for a quote?

Everyone wants to know what products cost before they buy them, but we need some important details first. For the fastest quote, make sure you have these details ready to go.

What does Printfection need to know?

Use this handy list to make sure Printfection has all the information we need to quote you:

  • The item(s) you are interested in. Be as specific as possible and let us know extra details that are important to you such as brand, material, color, etc. (Ex: American Apparel, 100% cotton, black shirt)
  • The quantities you are interested in for each item
  • How many colors are in the imprint/artwork for your item
  • If you have a deadline, we need to know the exact date you're hoping to receive these by.

Additional information that is also helpful for us but not necessary for quotes:

  • Your Pantone colors for printing.
  • The artwork you want to use.
  • How you plan on using your swag (i.e. event vs. individual gifts).
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