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Shipping Methods & Details

Who do you use to ship packages?

Printfection currently uses UPS for all shipping. Every order sent by Printfection has an associated tracking number.

What are your bulk shipping methods?

Flexible Delivery

Use this option if you have some flexibility on when your order needs to arrive. We will try to time the order so it arrives within the date-range selected. However, due to production time, shipping delays and weather, we cannot guarantee this date-range. If you require an exact delivery date please use the method below.

Guaranteed Delivery

This option uses priority UPS shipping, guaranteed by UPS for delivery in the United States. If your order is an event order, or must arrive by or on a certain date, you should use this option. Even with guaranteed delivery there can be delays outside of our control. These can include but are not limited to weather delays, incorrect shipping address, insufficient delivery information (ie event staff or hotel staff weren't notified of the inbound shipment), etc.

Also, please note that international delivery cannot be 100% guaranteed to arrive on a certain day. We do our best to have all shipments arrive on time, however, customs requirements and processing can delay orders.

Do you charge shipping when ordering for inventory? 

No, when we print your orders we do not charge for shipping of the printed merchandise to our fulfillment facilities. This means that when placing a print order destined to be stored with us as inventory you will not be charged any shipping fees.

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