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Follow Shipping methods by campaign type (drop ship, giveaways and collection)

Who do you use to ship packages?

Printfection currently uses UPS for all shipping. Every order sent by Printfection has an associated tracking number.

What are my shipping options for events or drop ship orders?

Lowest cost - The low cost option is a great choice when your arrival time is flexible. Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery in the US. UPS only has tracking to about 30 countries for international shipments with this method. For other countries, such as India and China, tracking only works to the last city in the US before the shipment is transferred to the local post office in the destination country.The receiver is responsible for the duties and taxes with this method.

Lowest cost (with Tracking) - In the US, all Lowest Cost shipments come with tracking. For international shipments, selecting this enhanced option will enable tracking and delivery confirmation to the final international address. The receiver is also responsible for the duties and taxes for this method.

Arrive on or before this date - This is a great option if you are shipping to a destination that can accept and hold your packages like a hotel or event center. Printfection will cover the duties and taxes when this method is selected unless UPS is unable to deliver to this method. If UPS can't deliver to the location, the shipping method will default to 'Lowest Cost (with Tracking)' and the receiver will be responsible for the duties and taxes.

Guaranteed on a specific day - A lot of events require packages to be delivered on a specific date. We recommend using this option for events so the package arrives on the exact date selected. Due to customs we may not always be able to guarantee international shipments. Printfection will cover the duties and taxes when this method is selected.

What are my shipping options for Giveaways?

Giveaways are by default sent with the Lowest cost option. Domestic shipments under a pound will be cheapest. If over a pound, the price of shipping increases.

*** International shipments over 30lbs will ship with a more premium option due to weight restrictions.

If you do not wish to have international packages sent via the Lowest cost option, we do have a feature that allows you to upgrade shipping by opting to "Prefer shipping methods which include the cost of customs and duties". 



What it does: By enabling this feature, i.e. clicking the check box to opt-in, you are stating that for that campaign you would like to upgrade shipping for all international orders. When this feature is enabled we will use shipping methods from UPS that a) provide full end-to-end tracking where available and b) allow us, Printfection, to pay the customs and duties which is known as 'shipper pays customs/duties'.

  • Please note: If you turn on this feature it will increase your international shipment costs. Once you enable the feature and save the settings we will calculate your costs in the estimated shipping area of the settings page to give you the chance to view your average shipment costs.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note in some countries they do NOT offer full tracking and/or do NOT allow the shipper to ever pay customs (for example Russia and Ukraine). A full list of what each country does and does not allow can be found here.

What are my shipping options for Collection orders?

For shipments within the US

Lowest cost - This option is a great choice when your arrival time is flexible.  Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery in the US.

On or Before - This option makes sure your package arrives on or before the selected date.

For international shipments

You can choose from the above options, or you can check the box to enable Lowest cost with Tracking. This option provides you with full tracking and final delivery confirmation.  

Do you charge shipping when ordering for inventory? 

No, when we print your orders we do not charge for shipping of the printed merchandise to our fulfillment facilities.

This means that when placing a print order destined to be stored with us as inventory, you will not be charged any shipping fees until you ship your merchandise out of the Printfection fulfillment center.



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