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Follow Integrating Pardot & Printfection (import giveaway links via csv)

This article goes through the steps of getting Printfection Giveaway links and codes into Pardot. 


Follow this walkthrough to get your giveaway links into Pardot

1. Create two new custom fields inside Pardot

Before getting started you'll want a place to store the Giveaway
Code and Giveaway URL within a Pardot prospect. To do this you'll want to create two new custom fields: Admin > Configure Fields > Prospect Fields

Now you can click +Add Custom Field from the top right button. From here you can choose the name you want to use, something like Gift Code or Giveaway Code is ideal. Match the settings as shown below: 

Repeat this same step to create a Gift URL or Giveaway URL field.

2. Narrow down your gift recipients

Now you'll want to get a list of the prospects that will be receiving a gift. The easiest way to do this is to create a new list: Marketing > Segmentation > Lists


You'll want to create a new list using the +Add List button.

You can name this list something like Giveaway Gift Recipients, you'll also want to specify some rules via the Dynamic List option that clarifies what criteria prospects must match to receive a gift. See below for an example (all prospects with a grade of B- or better):

3. Export your list as a CSV

Now that you've narrowed down a list of who will be receiving a gift, you can export the list as a CSV file.


You'll want to note how many prospects the list has as well.

4. Go to your Printfection Giveaway and generate gift codes

You'll want to go to the Printfection Giveaway you're using to distribute gifts (if you don't have one, create one from the New Campaign Wizard).

From here, click the Manage link in the menu bar, and then add gifts using the same number of prospects you had:


4. Export Gift Codes as CSV 

Now, you'll see that the new links are all selected (if not, you can click Select All Unused from the dropdown option): 

From here, you'll want to use the Download CSV option and get a CSV of all the new gifts you generated.

5. Merge the two CSV files

What you want to do now is merge the Gift Codes CSV (named purchase_orders.csv) into your Pardot list CSV file, you can do this using Google docs or your favorite spreadsheet program. 

Create a new column for Gift Codes and Gift URLs, then copy in the codes and urls from the Printfection purchase_orders.csv file. Once done, save the CSV.

6. Import the prospect CSV with the added codes into Pardot

You'll now want to import the CSV with the Prospect details and Gift Codes into Pardot, do this from the Admin > Import > Prospects menu option.

Now map your custom fields (from Step 1) to the new columns you created in the CSV.

7. Use the new custom fields in an email to send the prospect a gift link

You're done! Simply use the new custom field you created as a variable in Pardot's email to send the user a gift! You can even use the same list you created earlier as the distribution list for your gift email. 

The variable will be filled with the Code or URL you imported from Printfection's Giveaway.

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