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Follow What happens when an order is returned to sender?

From time to time, shipments are undeliverable and returned to the sender. Some examples of this are: incorrect address, shipments delayed by weather that miss an event or hotel date, rejected by customs authorities, or UPS attempting three deliveries with no success.

All returned shipments end up back at the Printfection fulfillment center, and are returned back into your inventory as long as the item is still active in your account. 

Am I notified about the returned shipment?

When the new order is received, we'll notify the relevant users in your account letting them know this inventory is ready for use again.

What is Printfection's policy on refunding shipping & fulfillment fees for returned shipments?

Printfection does not refund the shipping and fulfillment charges of the original order, unless the non delivery was a result of our error.

What happens to returned items that are archived?

Printfection does not unarchive items so any archived products that are returned are donated or disposed of.

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