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It's important to us that we fully communicate our pricing to you, the last thing we want to do is hide costs in fees or behind-the-scenes charges. This article talks about our pricing and our competitors pricing, and why sometimes we're a little more and sometimes we're actually less once it's all said and done.

Here's the topics we're about to cover: 

Competitive pricing: can we beat the cheapest price?

The truth is that we try as hard as possible to be competitive when it comes to pricing, but many times we can't beat the cheapest price you've been offered. Printers in the promotional product and apparel printing industry compete heavily on price as it is one of the only tools they have to get your business.

We don't believe in this philosophy. Our approach is to get you the best possible price (many times we're less than other big industry competitors), alongside great quality, great service, and a platform that makes your life easier. At the end of the day our goal is to save you time so you can focus on your business.

Hidden pricing: what to look for with other companies

One of the things to look at when it comes to pricing is: is everything included in the quote you received?

For instance, many vendors will only give you their product pricing. They neglect to include shipping and set-up fees (burning the screens and converting artwork), color costs, and the turn-around charge if you want the order to ship promptly.

We don't play this game: our pricing is straightforward. You see all of it when you make a purchase. When you see a quote from us it has the actual price you will pay, and when shipping and fulfilling your items you're presented clearly with each included charge.

Beyond the merchandise: online management and more

In the end this is about more than just products. It's about trying to provide you with the best possible tools to use your promotional goods. 

We want to build a long-lasting customer relationship alongside a great platform. We want to understand your business and goals, not just try to undercut the next vendor. 

While we can't always be the cheapest on product price, we can promise our platform will be the best deal in the industry when it comes to your time and your business's success.

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