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Store service shutdown

As of July 31, 2015 Printfection will be shutting down its on-demand store service. This article covers the reasoning behind this change, the way existing commissions will be paid out, as well as the next steps users can take to transition from Printfection's store platform.

About the decision 

Printfection has provided an online merchandise store service for the last 10 years, offering users the ability to print on-demand and sell their merchandise. 

The decision to end this service has been extremely difficult, but as our business model has changed we've had to admit that we cannot offer a store platform that meets our standards. 

Fortunately, the online store landscape remains strong: products such as Etsy, Spreadshirt, and Shopify offer incredible platforms from which to sell merchandise.

What does this mean for store owners?

As of July 31, 2015 all Printfection stores, on-demand products and associated data (images, themes, and content) will be removed. We have provided a guide of Next Steps to help users with this transition. After July 31, 2015 you will continue to have access to your store account to download uploaded images and update your payment information.

Commission details 

Accounts with commission owed above the Payment Threshold setting on their account will be paid by October 1, 2015. After October 1, 2015 accounts with outstanding commissions will be paid periodically throughout the year. After August 1st, 2020 all remaining commission will be forfeited or remitted to the state of Colorado.

Next steps

We know that changing services can be a frustrating headache, therefore we've tried to layout the best possible Next Steps below: 

  • Save any important images associated with your account. This includes product artwork, product imagery, and theme assets. 
  • Save any important meta-data associated with your account. This includes product descriptions, pricing details, and theme content.
  • Make sure you’ve updated your Payment and Tax Information with Printfection
  • Review alternative platforms. We recommend the following great services:,, and
  • If applicable, update any domains with DNS pointing to
  • If applicable, update any links you have to your Printfection store

How does this affect subscribed customers?

This change will not affect subscribed customers. The rest of our service, including giveaways, buying and storing inventory, bulk purchases, etc will not be affected by this change.

A moment of thanks

We also just want to say thank you to our store users. The last decade has been a fun ride. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support.

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