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Follow Drop ship orders: How to create and organize your drop ship campaigns

This article discusses how Printfection's Drop ship campaign structure works and the best way to organize orders using Bulk Purchase campaigns. 

First, create an organization structure by order type

The first thing to do is to mentally group the types of orders you have. For instance, if you have orders that are Company Gifts, and orders that are Events, it makes the most sense to create a campaign for each use-case.

Here's an example of all 2015 Event Orders being held in one campaign called '2015 Event Orders': 

Then create the drop ship campaigns for each use case

You'll now want to make a new drop shop campaign for each type of order you plan to place. In our example we would use two campaigns, one for Company Gifts and one for Event Orders.

Use the 'Start a New Campaign' button option on the dashboard to create your new campaign. Once you've created the campaign make sure to go to the Settings page of that campaign to name it so you can reference this campaign in the future for reports or additional orders.

Use your existing campaigns to create new orders 

As you place more orders you can use the campaigns that you've already created.

Do this by either by entering the campaign from the dashboard, or by selecting 'Start a New Campaign' from the Your Campaigns tab and then selecting the correct Campaign in the dropdown menu (see below): 



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