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Follow How the $25/month item charge works

This article explains how and when Printfection charges for unique items within your account. It also covers how to archive items so you will no longer be charged.

What is the $25/month item charge?

Each Printfection plan comes with a certain number of items included for free by default.

For Starter plans, it's 4, Standard is 10, and Enterprise plans include 30 free items. We define an item as a specific product in a single color. For example, the Unisex AA 50/50 T-Shirt in Black equals 1 item. Sizes do not count as additional items.

Each new item you add to your account costs $25/month. This cost covers warehousing, organization, and print storage.

When am I charged the $25/month fee? 

You are charged the $25/month item fee when your plan is renewed every month.

For example, if in your account you add two extra items beyond your plan's default free allotment in the middle of the month, you will be charged $50 more on your next monthly renewal date.

Your monthly plan renewal is charged on the date you signed up for your plan.

How can I remove an item so I'm not charged? 

To avoid being charged the $25/month item fee you can archive your items within the Printfection Item Manager.

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