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Follow Can Printfection update, fix, or create my artwork?

This article discusses how Printfection handles printing artwork: including what we can and can't update. This article also covers why Printfection doesn't offer a service to create artwork from scratch. 

What does Printfection do with my artwork? 

When you provide finalized artwork to us in vector format we may update it to match certain supplier printing standards. This means if there are specific measurements, boundaries, or requirements, we will make sure your artwork meets spec. 

Can Printfection change layout or size of my artwork?

Printfection can update the location and size of your artwork on any given product. This means the position and overall size of the artwork as related to the product's printable area.

However, we will not update the actual layout of your artwork — such as changing the orientation or certain objects within the file. Changes of that nature must be handled in house and provided in a new vector file.

Can Printfection change the color or tweak my artwork?

Due to most companies having strict brand guidelines, we do not normally make any modifications to artwork. Even the most simple changes, such as swapping a color or rearranging text may violate your brand standards. Because of this we ask that you work with your design department to create any and all final artwork.

Can Printfection vectorize my artwork? 

In almost all cases we require that you provide us a vector file of your artwork. Our goal is to make sure your branding standards are matched exactly.

If it is not possible to provide us a vector of your artwork we may be able to work with a high-resolution transparent PNG. However, we make no guarantees about our ability to use non-vector files.

Can Printfection create artwork for me?

Sorry, we do not offer any service to design artwork.

Artwork must be provided by the customer. If you're looking for inspiration we recommend checking out our T-Shirt design gallery. Or, checking out some of our case studies.

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