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Follow Collection campaigns: How to collect, review, and approve orders via external ordering or csv

This article shows how to set up a Printfection Collection campaign and gather external orders for review and approval. This process works great for letting sales reps, employees, and partners place swag orders right through your Printfection account in a controlled way.

This implementation can be used with any number of platforms or use-cases.

Printfection's Collection campaign is a way for your to easily collect orders, review them, and then place them all at once. You can manually key-in orders, import orders from a CSV file, or allow other parties to place orders through a hosted landing page.

After you approve/ place the orders, Printfection will handle everything, including optional Order Support. You can also import via CSV.

Hosting Landing Page Option

The steps below explain how to use the Hosted Landing Page option.

1. Create a new Printfection Collection campaign

The first thing you'll want to do is create a new Printfection Collection campaign.  From your Printfection dashboard choose Campaigns from the top menu and then Collections.  Click on + Collection Campaign to create a new Collection campaign.   


2. Turn on external ordering

You'll want to select the option that turns on External Ordering for this new Collection campaign.



If you're updating an existing campaign you can change this option from the Campaign Settings.


This option will provide you a link that allows users to place orders for this campaign.

3. Update your campaign to have items and branding

You have the option to specify what Items people can order through this campaign. To do this, navigate to the Items Tab. 

Please Note: this applies only to the landing page order form.


You'll also want to stop by the Settings page for the campaign and update your branding, including the: Header Title, Sub-Heading, colors, and Packaging and Invoice.


4. Set up an "order swag" link to this campaign with an external order URL

Excellent, the hard work is now done! Now it's time to start using this campaign to place orders. Below are a few examples of how to do this. (For reference: see how to set up a Salesforce Integration)

Get the Link: 

From the Campaign Overview or Settings page you can copy the External Order link from the input field.

Distribute this link to your team members or anyone else you want to have submit orders. When going to it they'll be prompted to log in or create an account (creating an account is a simple process they can do themselves, learn more).

Order Screen:

Now when people click this button they'll be able to place orders through the campaign!

5. Reviewing and approving orders

Last, but not least, you'll want to review the orders from the Manage page within your Collection campaign. Here you can change, update, or remove orders.


Review your totals, fulfillment cost, and other details.  When you're ready hit Place Orders and place them all at once!




Import orders via CSV

Check out this article on how to import via csv


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