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Follow Inventory: Sending your merchandise to Printfection as "Customer-sourced" inventory

A common question is if our customers can send their printed swag to Printfection so we can help them distribute it?

This article covers the various use-cases around sending us your existing printed merchandise and what we do and don't support.

Can my company send you our existing printed merchandise when we sign up?

Yes, if you're a new customer of Printfection and you are on the Standard or higher plan level you can send us your existing merchandise when you sign up.

The process works as follows:

  1. Once subscribed we'll work with you to get your existing products created, quoted, and added to your account. This way if you want to re-order them they'll be all ready.
  2. When completed, you will be able to place your inbound inventory order directly through your account. You will then send us those products at the address we provide on the downloadable packing slip and we'll receive and inventory them at our fulfillment center.
  3. Once stocked, the inventory of those products will show up online in your account so it can be used in your campaigns.

Can my company send you printed merchandise on an ongoing basis? 

Yes, if you are on the Standard or Enterprise plan. See understanding customer-sourced inventory for more information.


Can Printfection source and print a product that we have ordered in the past?

Yes, almost certainly — we pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of products. Even if you don't see the product in our catalog there's a good likelihood we still can source it.

What items does Printfection not allow?

Please refer to our disallowed items article for a detailed list of items we are not able to accept. Most commonly the items most important for you to know that we cannot accept are: food and alcohol, packing materials including boxes or tape, large electronics such as TVs,  and non-promotional products (i.e. unbranded apparel or hardgoods).

What inspection does Printfection perform on products that we send in?

For customer-sourced inventory, Printfection will:

  • Ensure all pieces in the item setup display photo or item title are present
  • Ensure all items match the item setup display photo
  • Check for any obvious rips or damage externally
  • Count and update inventory levels of items received

Due to the nature of our receiving process, we are unable to:

  • Launder items
  • Repair damages
  • Fully set up displays, banners, tablecloths, signs, etc. for inspection
  • Repackage any unpacked merchandise 
  • Test equipment for damage or malfunction
  • Receive partial or incomplete product

How long does it typically take for items to be received and available to use?

Once you have placed the inbound inventory order in your account you will select and ship your items to us. The transit time of that shipment will be solely controlled by the carrier and shipping method you selected to send your items in.

Once items are received at our Fulfillment Center, which is open 8am to 4pm MT Mon-Friday except standard holidays, it can take up to 7 days for items to be fully received and made available to you.

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