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Sending Your Merchandise to Printfection


A common question is if our customers can send their printed swag to Printfection so we can help them distribute it?

This article covers the various use-cases around sending us your existing printed merchandise and what we do and don't support.

Can my company send you our existing printed merchandise when we sign up?

Yes, if you're a new customer of Printfection and you are on the Standard or higher plan level you can send us your existing merchandise when you sign up.

The process works as follows:

  1. Once subscribed we'll work with you to get your existing products created, quoted, and added to your account. This way if you want to re-order them they'll be all ready.
  2. When completed, we'll give you the required SKUs to include with your shipments to us. You will then send us those products at the address we provide and we'll receive and inventory them at our fulfillment center.
  3. Once stocked, the inventory of those products will show up online in your account so it can be used in your campaigns.

Please note that we only do this when you first sign up for a Printfection account. 

Can my company send you printed merchandise on an ongoing basis? 

Sorry, unfortunately this isn't a service we offer our customers on an ongoing basis.

In order to offer the best service we work closely with our vendors to get the best pricing, turn-around times, and technical integration. Because of these factors we can't interface directly with our customers or their current suppliers. 

That said, rest assured that we can source most products and we'll almost always be price competitive with your current product vendors. 

Can Printfection source and print a product that we have ordered in the past?

Yes, almost certainly — we pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of products. Even if you don't see the product in our catalog there's a good likelihood we still can source it. 

Will Printfection offer support for continuously receiving printed merchandise in the future? 

To be totally honest it's unlikely we'll open up the option to continuously receive merchandise from our customers or their direct vendors.

Having partners and suppliers that are integrated with our platform creates the best experience for our customers. It allows us to have quality standards, better pricing, more streamlined automation, and faster fulfillment.

That said, we are always working to improve our service through customer feedback and suggestions, so please let us know if you have thoughts!

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