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Follow How to archive items

When you're done using an item in Printfection, you're able to archive that item to stop paying the monthly item charge of $25/month. It's easy to do, but first, the inventory of that item must be completely cleared out. 

Steps to archive an item

You can archive items within your Printfection Inventory Levels. You'll go into "Inventory", then "Inventory Levels"



Then from 'Inventory Levels', you'll go to the line of the item that you're looking to archive, then select the "Archive" button


Please Note: Items can only be archived if there is no inventory remaining, the item has been removed from all campaigns and there are no open orders using this item. Archived items are free, they do not incur the $25/item monthly fee.

Once your item has been archived you can see it located in the Archived Items section down below your regular items. You can unarchive an item at any time.


Any returned orders containing archived items will be donated and not added back into inventory

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