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Employee swag with Printfection

A super common use-case we see with Printfection customers is needing the ability to manage and distribute employee swag. This article recaps the various methods that Printfection offers to solve the Employee Swag conundrum. 

A few questions to get started:

  • How often will you be giving out employee swag?
  • How much swag do you plan to give, a single item (like a t-shirt or hoodie) or a few?
  • Would you like to ship swag directly to your employee at their home?
  • Do you plan on having your employees pay for their new swag?


Keeping swag on-hand in your office

One common option is for customers to Drop Ship themselves a box of swag from time-to-time that they keep on hand for new employees. This works great if you have some extra closet space and want the flexibility of being able to just grab a t-shirt or mug out of the closet.

Shipping swag to employees

Of course, many times the above storage option won't work: perhaps you don't have extra office space to keep swag around, or maybe you're dealing with various office locations. Also, many employees today work remotely so you can't just hand them their gift in-person.

Below are a few options to solve this problem: 

Basic employee swag drop shipping

Through Printfection it's easy to send a new employee swag, you can simply create a new Drop Ship campaign called Employee Swag and place orders in that campaign for delivery to their home or office. This can be a great way to surprise the employee if you don't want them to know they'll be receiving swag. 

If you're a larger organization you can use the Printfection Collection Campaign to send groups of gifts to multiple employees. You can even import a spreadsheet of your employees if needed.  

In these instances you'll need to know each employee's address and size (if any swag you're giving is sized). From there you can add whatever merchandise you want to the package and have it shipped out from your inventory.

Let managers run their employee swag workflow (swag request form)

If you want to have your managers run employee gifts for their teams you can have them submit each gift request for approval through Printfection's Collection Campaign.

In this instance the manager submits each gift request through a Swag Request Form (hosted by Printfection) that's tied to a Collection campaign. Then these requests are reviewed and approved in bulk by your swag manager. 

Let employees request swag directly (swag request form)

Similar to the above workflow, you can let employees directly request company swag through a company-wide Swag Request Form

Employee Swag Through Gift Links

Another popular option is to leverage the Printfection Giveaway platform to let employees pick their swag online and choose where to have it shipped. This eliminates any shipping address questions or sizing concerns. 

You can brand the Giveaway with your company branding and choose which items you want to let employees redeem.

Then once the employee receives their gift link they can pick their gift and it is shipped directly to the address they specify. If you're a Standard plan user you can even include additional drop-ins with the gift such as a sticker, pen, bottle opener, or USB drive. 

Here are just a few examples of how to leverage this workflow:

  • Giving to a Team of Employees
    Include a Printfection Multi-Redemption Giveaway link in an email to your employees — for example, a Year-End Thank You to a certain team or department. 
  • Send a Gift to New Employees
    Generate and send a gift link to every new employee that joins the team. Let them enter their size, pick their gift, and choose where to send it.

If you have multiple Employee Gift scenarios you can generate multiple Giveaway campaigns for each one. This allows you to control the gift options, branding, and payment method.

Having your employees purchase swag

If you're looking to have your employees purchase company swag the workflow is a little different than above.

We don't provide any way to process 3rd-party payments (payments from employees or users) through Printfection. Because of this we would recommend a third party store platform to manage your selling — then you could import those orders into Printfection to have them sent out. 

To learn more about this process, please see our Selling Swag article.

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