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Printfection offers an API that lets customers interface with their Printfection account to retrieve campaign, item, and order information. Customers can also use the API to generate orders for certain campaign types. This article will link to and briefly explain our API Documentation — it also gives a rough breakdown of how the API can be used. 

How does the Printfection API work?

Printfection provides a RESTful API to allow customers to interface with their Printfection account. The API can be used to get information about campaigns, items, and orders. It can also be used to generate new purchase orders (orders that haven't actually been placed) for Giveaway and Collection campaigns.

Example use cases of the Printfection API

Here are just a few examples of how you might use the Printfection API with your business.

  • Integrate with Marketo to generate and return Giveaway gift links to contacts
  • Integrate with Salesforce and allow sales reps and account managers to place swag orders for their accounts
  • Interface with Zapier to leverage hundreds of 3rd party services alongside Printfection
  • Use the API to integrate into your own Application and offer a free gift to users

API documentation


Our API uses HTTP basic authentication, you will provide your API key in every request. The API key is applied as your basic auth username, the password is left blank. Here's an example of a jQuery Ajax POST to the Orders endpoint: 

Create, Read, Update, Delete

We support the standard RESTful approach most modern API's take.  

  • GET retrieves information via the API
  • POST creates information via the API
  • PATCH updates information via the API
  • DELETE removes information via the API

Getting your API key

Your API key is located in the top right Account > API Access menu option. Or you can go directly to the pageRemember your API Key should be kept private, in essence it allows access to your entire Printfection account, treat it like you would any password you use.

If you ever need to shut down your API Key and use a new one, just contact our support staff at

You can access our Full API Documentation here.

API limitations

Our API has a few limitations, it's worth noting them before diving deeply into building your app or setting up your workflow. We will continue to build and grow our API functionality so these might change in the future. 

  • API orders can only be created within Giveaway and Collection campaign types
  • Orders cannot be fully approved for shipping via the API
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