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Follow Integrating Confluence & Printfection (import to collection campaign)

This article walks through how to set up a custom HTML macro inside Atlassian Confluence that allows an Order Swag button to be placed on your pages. 

Follow these steps to connection your collection campaign to Confluence

1) Login to Printfection and Copy the Collection Integration Code

The first thing you'll want to do is login to your Printfection account and go to the Collection campaign you want to place orders in.

Note: If you don't have a Collection campaign created you can do this from the Start a New Campaign wizard on your home Account Dashboard.

Once inside your collection campaign make sure you've turned on the ability for placing external orders

Copy the HTML code provided in the example to your clipboard. 

Note: this code contains your API Key and should not be put in a public facing place.

Login to Your Confluence Account

Note: You'll need to have Admin access to do the following steps

Go to the Settings Gear Icon located in the top right of the page and click Add-Ons in the menu.

From here you'll want to click the Find New Add-Ons option in the sidebar. 

In the Search the Marketplace field type the following: Macro Toolbox

This add-on will allow you to add HTML and JavaScript into your Confluence pages.


Go ahead and install this Add-On to Confluence. Once installed you'll now see Macro Toolbox for Cloud located on the Manage Add-ons section of the settings page.

2) Add the Printfection Code to a Confluence Page

Now go to any page in your Confluence account and under the + menu you'll see an option to add Other Macros. 

In the pop-up search for: HTML and choose the <> HTML option.

Once you click the <> HTML macro you'll be presented with an Insert 'HTML' Macro dialogue box, you can leave the Use Confluence-friendly Layout turned on or off.

Click the Insert option in the bottom right of the pop-up. Now, in the HTML field in your page you can paste the Printfection code from your clipboard. It should look like the following. 

Once you save the Confluence page you'll now see a link to Order Swag in place of the HTML field.

If you want to add multiple order buttons you can simply add additional links without adding the script tags, like this:

For fun you can use the last example in the code above to style your Order Swag button to look like an actual button.


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