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Account Balance Replenishment & Invoicing


If you're looking to streamline the way your account is charged (instead of dealing with multiple small credit card charges) Printfection has several options. This article covers each option in detail below.

Account Balance Replenishment (Minimize Credit Card Charges)

With Printfection you can specify an Account Balance Replenishment to avoid small credit card charges for your Giveaway redemptions. To do this go the the top right navigation menu and choose the Account > Payment Methods page (or just click here). From this page you can select the replenishment level that works the best for your usage.

The way this works is that instead of being charged once a day for Giveaway orders you will be charged at the incremented level you specify. For instance, you might choose to be charged $500 dollars at a time. Once $500 has been used up you will then be charged another $500 to re-up your account.

Pre-Load Your Printfection Account Balance

For many companies it works best to load their Printfection Account with a larger balance they can pull from over time.

Once loaded, this Account Balance can be used for orders, shipping, and fulfillment charges — allowing for easier budgeting and spending. You can load your Printfection account via ACH or Wire Transfer.

Setting Up ACH or Wire Transfer

To set up ACH or Wire Transfer please contact your customer success manager or

Once payments are received they are applied to your Account Balance within 24 to 48 hours. Any campaign you use have the option to use your account balance or a separate credit card you specify.

Receive Invoice Statements from Printfection

Printfection offers invoicing for enterprise customers or customers that have reached a certain level of spend.

How Invoicing Works

Once activated, Invoicing becomes the default payment method on your Printfection account. You will see it displayed on your payment methods page and on all of your campaigns. If you choose, you may still use another payment option.

All charges are collected and sent out twice monthly for payment. Payment is due in 30 days (Net 30 terms). 

Invoicing Statements

Invoices are grouped into Statements that are sent twice a month. Each statement is a collection of individual smaller invoices that have been grouped together.

If you prefer to receive all invoices as they are created, that option can be turned on, just ask

Paying Your Invoice

We accept payment via ACH or Wire Transfer, we do not accept written checks. We will provide you with payment details when we turn on account invoicing.

Adding Invoicing to Your Account

To learn if you qualify for invoicing with Printfection, please email If you don't qualify, the above alternative options are still available.

A Note About Monthly Subscription Charges

For all options listed above the monthly subscription charge is always charged to the credit card on file. It cannot be pulled from your account balance or invoiced.

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