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How to run a Social Giveaway

Using Printfection's Social Giveaway platform you can easily give your swag to groups of followers, fans, or customers. A Printfection Social Giveaway provides you with a multi-redemption URL that can queue and redeem free swag. To see how to setup and use a Social Giveaway follow the steps below.

Step 1

To get started you'll need to create a new Social Giveaway, you can do this from the Account Dashboard (homepage) by clicking on 'Start a New Campaign'. Then, on the Campaign Wizard simply select the  'Start a Giveaway Campaign' button. 

When prompted, choose the 'Multi-use gift URL' option, as seen below:

Step 2

Choose the items you want to offer in your Social Giveaway from the 'Items' tab in the navigation menu. Click 'Add Items to Campaign' and simply select what you want.

Step 3

Go to 'Settings' in the navigation menu and update your company branding for your campaign. If needed you can also specify a payment method on this page.

If your plan level offers Drop-Ins you can also specify those on this page (drop-ins are small items that can be added into any shipment, such as stickers or a bottle opener).

Step 4

Once your branding is set up you're ready to rock. Go to the 'Overview' option in the navigation you'll choose to '+ Add Gifts', you can now specify how many pieces of swag you want offer for redemption. 

Step 5

Turn the campaign from 'Paused' to 'Running' in the top right navigation menu. Now, you're ready to give some swag!

Step 6

You may now use the link provided at the top of the page to offer your free gifts. 

Once received each user that clicks on the link will be given 5 minutes to redeem their free gift. If users try to redeem multiple gifts they will be turned away.

Step 7

Once a redemption is complete you will have the option to cancel it from the 'Recipients & Redemption' section at the bottom of the 'Overview' page. Just use the 'Cancel' button next to the order.

Note: This cancelation option is only available until the order is processed, you'll want to review orders same-day or earlier if you want to cancel them.

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