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The integration of Printfection and Workday presents a seamless solution to boost employee engagement through automated swag gifting. This powerful combination allows companies to effortlessly send personalized gifts on various occasions, such as new employee onboarding and work anniversaries, utilizing two campaign types - Giveaway and Collection.

Benefits of Integration

Streamlined Data Automation

By integrating Printfection and Workday, manual data entry is eliminated, as essential information like shipping addresses, shirt sizes, and gift preferences are automatically collected from employees. This ensures accurate and up-to-date data, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Time and Cost Savings

The integration streamlines the entire swag gifting process, from campaign creation to fulfillment. This reduces administrative burden and overhead costs, enabling HR teams to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Use Cases

New Employees Onboarding

The Printfection and Workday integration significantly enhances the new employee onboarding process. When a new hire is added to Workday, the integration automatically triggers a seamless swag gifting process. HR teams can pre-define onboarding swag items tailored to each role or department, ensuring a personalized and warm welcome for every new team member.

Work Anniversary Milestones

Recognizing and celebrating work anniversaries becomes effortless with the Printfection and Workday integration. As Workday keeps track of employee service milestones, the integration automatically triggers the distribution of personalized swag gifts on their special day.

Integration Setup

To achieve a seamless integration, Workday Admin/HR personnel play a crucial role in providing the necessary inputs and configurations. Here are the steps for integrating Workday with Printfection:

Generate API Credentials for Workday

Workday Admin/HR personnel should generate API credentials (Client ID, Client Secret) for Workday. These credentials will be used by Printfection's Integration Platform to authenticate and securely access Workday data using either Basic Auth or OAuth 2.0, depending on the chosen authentication method.

API Access Setup in Workday

Configure API access within the Workday system by defining scopes, endpoints, and permissions for the data that will be shared with Printfection.

Identify Integration Use Cases

Collaborate with marketing and HR teams to identify specific integration use cases, such as recognizing employee milestones, automating rewards, or facilitating new employee onboarding.

*When complete, please reach out to a Printfection Customer Success Manager to begin the integration setup process with Printfection.

Data Mapping

Define the data mapping between Workday and Printfection. This involves specifying how data fields from Workday, such as employee names, job titles, or service anniversary dates, will be mapped to corresponding fields in Printfection.

Trigger Events

Identify the events that will initiate actions in the integration. For example, an employee reaching a service anniversary could trigger an automatic reward order through Printfection.

The HR/Workday Admin will work closely with Printfection's Integration Architect to streamline the authentication process.

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