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Printfection, known for its swag management platform, has expanded its offerings to include Digital Gift Cards, adding versatility and global reach to its merchandise options. This new feature comes with an array of exciting benefits, tailored to enhance corporate gifting and promotional campaigns.

Digital Gift Card Variety

Global Brand Selection - A wide array of brands are available through domestic and international catalogs, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Convenient Delivery System

  • Exclusive Single-Use Links - Forget about the hassle of managing physical stock. Digital gift cards are delivered through unique giveaway links that ensure a secure and exclusive experience for each recipient.
  • Seamless Processing - No more worrying about inventory. There's no need to order upfront. When a gift card is claimed, the order is processed swiftly within your Printfection account, usually within 24 hours.
  • Branded Email Receipt - As soon as the gift card is processed, customers receive a personalized digital gift card right in their inbox, enhancing the brand experience.

Flexible Gift Options

Versatile Gifting - Whether you're aiming for a singular surprise or a range of choices, digital gift cards can be offered individually or as part of a choice-based 'set' where recipients select their favorite from up to 10 different options.

Enhanced Administrative Control

Customizable Invitation Email - A fresh feature for campaign administrators allows the customization of email templates, enabling a personalized invitation for recipients to claim their digital gift.

To get the most out of the Digital Gift Card offerings, Printfection encourages you to reach out to your Customer Success Manager, who will guide you through the setup process and explore the rich selection of brands in our catalogs.

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for detailed insights and prepare to elevate your promotional efforts with the convenience and sophistication of Printfection's Digital Gift Cards.

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