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Follow Integrating Slack & Printfection (via Zapier)

This Zap allows your team to generate and distribute a Giveaway link via slack. Now it's even easier to empower your team to giveaway great swag.

In any public Slack channel, your team will enter a specified command and a Printfection Giveaway URL will be returned via slackbot. This link can be sent to a prospect, customer, or employee to redeem a swag gift.

In order to use this Zap you need an active Slack account.  You'll also want to make sure you have an active Printfection Giveaway Campaign configured that you will use with this connection.

Set up the Slack/Printfection zap

Click here to access the template.  Click Use this Zap.





Step 1 - Slack Connection

  1. New Public Message Posted Anywhere will be selected by default.  Click continue.
  2. Choose a connected slack account or choose Connect an Account and follow on screen instructions.
  3. Choose Save & Continue.
  4. The next page is called Set up Slack Public Message Posted Anywhere.  You should not need to make any adjustments.  Clicking Show Advanced Options will show you where the Zap is set up to avoid bots from responding to the command in Slack.  Click continue.
  5. Now you'll test your connection to Slack.  Click Connect & Continue.  After a successful connection is established you will see a success message.  Click Continue.

Step 2 - Filter 

  1. By default, Only continue if...Set up rules to specify when this Zap can continue running will be selected.  Choose Continue.
  2. The next step is for Filter Setup & Testing.  Here you can use the default.  You may want to change the command (+pf_getlink by default) in the right-most box.  The setting shows that any Slack message that contains the command will generate the link.  You may consider forcing an exact match or another qualifier.  When you've made the adjustments, click Test & Continue.  

Step 3 - Printfection

  1. The default Printfection Action will be selectedClick Continue.  Choose your Printfection account from the list or click Connect an account and follow the on screen instructions.  Then click Save + Continue.
  2. From the drop-down list, choose the appropriate Giveaway Campaign from Printfection.  You can begin typing the title or click the down arrow to browse all your Giveaways.  When you have the right Giveaway click Continue
  3. Click Send Test to Printfection
  4. Click Continue

Step 4 - Slack Action

  1. The default Slack Action will be selected and click continue.
  2. Select your Slack Account and click Save & Continue.
  3. On the Preview Screen you can add additional text if you'd like the slack messages to have any additional content.  Don't remove any code.  Click continue
  4. Click Send Test to Slack.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. File your Zap appropriately.  It now lives in your Zaps.







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