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Printfection's Drift integration allows you to retrieve unique links for your Giveaway campaigns right from within any Drift conversation.

Setting Up The Integration

You can find and setup the Drift integration right from within your Printfection account, under the drop down menu that is your profile. Click on the “Integrations” option to get to our Integration Library.  


From this page, you will see the Drift Integration and logo, where you can further navigate to setup your integration.


 Once on the Drift integration page you will be able to connect your Drift account to your Printfection account by clicking the “Connect" button. We utilize Drifts secure OAuth 2.0 API in order to securely connect your Drift account to our platform. Sensitive information is encrypted in our systems.

Due to limitations in Drifts API, you can only connect one Drift organization service to Printfection at a time. If someone else in your company has connected your organization’s Drift service to our platform, you will need to work with them to manage the configuration of the Drift integration.


Clicking connect will ask you to specify the Giveaway campaign you with to connect to Drift. Only one campaign can be connected at a time currently.


After selecting the campaign, clicking connect will begin the OAuth authorization with Drift. You must authorize the Printfection App within Drift in order to complete the integration connection.


You will now see your Drift integration connected within the Printfection platform.


You can click details in order to view the details of an individual connection.

From this page you have several options with the current integration. 

  • Pause: This pauses the integration, but keeps your credentials fresh. If the integration is paused the integration from within your Drift console will not work.
  • Disconnect: This disconnects the integration permanently. If you wish to reconnect, you will have to setup a new integration.
  • Resume: This resumes the integration and functionality when the integration is currently paused.

Notifications allow you to be alerted if there is an error or change in status with your integration.

The history shows you a log of all actions and giveaway URLs that have been generated for this integration, allowing you to keep track of.

Using the Integration

From within your Drift console, you can make use of private notes in the conversation to generate a new Giveaway URL for the campaign you have connected in the setup step above.

Typing /note pf-giveaway will generate a new Giveaway URL. The Giveaway URL will be presented to you in a private note. Notes are highlighted in yellow, and are not visible to the end user. From here you can copy and paste the URL and use it in your conversation with the user.


You're all set, watch your users and customers rejoice with their new swag gifts!

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