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Follow Jan 2021 Update: Shipping & fulfillment delays due to COVID-19


Due to COVID-19 and post-holiday volumes, UPS is experiencing processing and transit delays for all packages and shipping methods.


First, we do want to apologize for the delays and assure you we are working to get all pending orders out as quickly as we can. 

We also want to provide some insight as to why you are seeing some delays.

At a high-level there are two different types of shipping within Printfection.

We have a 'Lowest Cost' option and then Upgraded shipping methods which, based on the campaign, can be labeled as On-or-Before/Guaranteed/Shipper_Pays_Customs.

Anytime you use our lowest-cost method we use a UPS shipping method which is called UPS Innovations.

This method is an excellent option and does provide you with a very competitive and cost-effective way to ship anywhere, especially internationally, but it does have a slower delivery time. With this method, UPS delivers the package to the local shipping hub and the local postal service is then responsible for the final delivery to the end destination.

Due to historical volumes across all carriers, we are seeing these UPS Innovations shipments taking a longer amount of time to scan and deliver. We do, however, now offer features in ALL campaigns for you to upgrade shipping for faster timelines. Non-Innovations orders, AKA the upgraded methods, are not currently seeing delays.

UPS, and all major carriers, are still not guaranteeing orders due to the reasons listed below but they have been successful at hitting desired dates.

As you know, COVID-19 has had a massive impact to many areas of life and, just like airline travel, logistical and shipping companies have been hit extremely hard.

The specific reasons are many but a few main ones are:

  • many international destinations closed their borders to foreign shipments and just recently started opening them
  • one statistic our UPS rep shared was that UPS has seen an increase of 74% in volume for this same time period last year but they have also seen a reduction in staff of 57%
  • over 92% of international flights were grounded/cancelled for many months during the spring so there is a massive backlog of orders that would have been on those flights but were being held at UPS until flights opened
  • our fulfillment center (and many others) have less capacity and lower staff in order to maintain CDC guidelines and stay open

We know this was a very long article but feel it is important to provide you as much context as possible so we can set proper expectations.

Please know we are working overtime and in contact with both UPS and our Fulfillment center daily to try and reduce these shipping times.

Our desire and hope is to be back to 'normal' soon.

If you have further questions, please contact your CSM or 

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