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The vast majority of orders placed with Printfection go off without a hitch.  When issues do arise, we are here to help!  Printfection will work to ensure you are completely satisfied with your order and will work to resolve any issues that pop up during the order/shipping process.  If you are unsatisfied with any piece of your order, we will investigate and provide an appropriate resolution on a case-by-case basis. 

All refund requests must submitted in writing to your Customer Success Manager within 30 days of the initial purchase to be reviewed.

There are a few cases where Printfection will provide a partial/full refund depending on the issue.  A few example scenarios are listed below:

Refunds for Print Orders

1. Product malfunction/defective items

2. Misprint of artwork

    - Wrong artwork

    - Wrong location of artwork

    - Wrong artwork color

3. Variance of QTY greater than 2% of full order QTY 

    - Within the promotional products industry, there is an industry standard where items can have up to a 5% variance in the quantity or quality produced. This means that most printers/vendors allow for +/- 5% of what was ordered to be produced without any refund/reprints or additional charges. 

    - Printfection has a much stricter standard and only allows a 2% variance. We do not see variances with many orders but, occasionally, we will receive an order that is either short/over a few units or has a few defective items. If it falls within that 2% we will not proactively reach out or provide a refund. We always recommend ordering an additional 2% to account for any potential variances.

Refunds for Individual Swag Shipments

  1. Guaranteed orders that deliver late may be refunded for the difference in cost between the standard methods and Guaranteed methods. Note:This only applies to "Guaranteed" orders and not orders placed "On or Before". 
  2. For orders shipped with On or Before or Guaranteed methods, Printfection has insurance up to $100 and can reimburse up to that amount for any lost shipments if a lost package investigation doesn't locate the package.
  3. For damaged items shipped with On or Before or Guaranteed methods, we have insurance up to $100 and can reimburse up to that amount for any damaged shipments UPS deems damaged during transit.

Individual Shipment issues we will not provide a refund for:

  1. Returned shipments due to wrong/incorrect address, closed business, or unpaid duties/taxes
  2. Damage to packaging from transit
  3. Weather related delays regardless of shipping method
  4. Force Majeure
  5. Refusal of Delivery from either customs or recipient
  6. Theft
  7. Shipping and product costs for orders shipped Lowest Cost or Lowest Cost with Tracking

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