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Follow Important Production and Timeline Updates - December 2022

Please be prepared to continue seeing increased lead times and volatile stock levels.

The leading causes of these impacts are:

  1. Delays and congestion at shipping ports
  2. Manufacturing issues and COVID in China 
  3. Continued increases in the volume of orders and strikes impacting both domestic shipping and transportation

For more information, you can check out our recent blog post here which provides much more detail on updates around supply chain.

Below are the updated production times for many of our commonly ordered items:
  • Screen printing - 10-15 business days plus shipping
  • Embroidery - 10-17 business days plus shipping
  • All other items - 10 business days (minimum) plus shipping

Please note shipping varies based on the item but usually takes a few business days to ship from the decorator to us and we usually need a few business days to fully receive the items into inventory.

Additionally, UPS is still not guaranteeing on-time delivery for shipments. While Printfection will continue to process and ship all orders as quickly as possible, we do want to be transparent that delays with UPS are outside of our control. Printfection recommends adding in one to two business days for any time sensitive shipments due to potential delays.

How are we responding and adapting?

We continue to stay in constant contact with our suppliers and UPS to ensure large projects and known deadlines on projects are being communicated. We are also continuing to increase our staff both within Printfection and at our Fulfillment Center to account for increased order volume and longer timelines.

As these factors are global in nature and not isolated to the promotional products industry, we unfortunately do not have much more influence or control to change the current environment. With that said, we will continue to serve all our customers with excellent service and will communicate any updates as we have new information.

What can you do about it?

We encourage you to work closely with your CSM on any deadlines or large projects you have coming up and if you have further questions please contact your CSM or


As a reminder, if you are ordering new merchandise please place your orders ASAP to avoid changes in stock levels. We cannot reserve or hold stock until an official order is placed through our platform, so making decisions in a timely manner is the best way to ensure you get the items you need!


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding and welcome any feedback you have.


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