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Follow Printfection and Custom Ink join forces!

Printfection has joined forces with swag industry leader Custom Ink! Read more here.

While we're very excited about this partnership and the possibilities that now exist for our customers, we know you probably have some questions.

Who is Custom Ink?

For those of you not familiar with Custom Ink, they are a leader in consumer and community-focused swag. They are one of the largest promotional products companies in the world and are also seeing significant growth! Their vision is to bring communities together and help them share what they care about. Enterprise swag management is a requirement in order for them to fully realize this vision and our expertise in this area makes this a natural fit.

How does Printfection and Custom Ink partnering impact you?

Ultimately we see this as a very exciting next step in our combined journey to be the market leader in enterprise and consumer swag management, and although we will now be part of a larger organization, the day-to-day operations of Printfection will remain largely the same and your experience and interactions with us will continue as usual.

What does this mean for your Printfection account?

For now, nothing about your Printfection account is changing. At this time, there will be:

  • No disruption to your services

  • No alteration of your pricing plan or features available to you

  • No changes to your point of contact

  • No changes to your Customer Success Manager or Merchandise and Design Specialist

Will my access and credentials to the platform change?

No, your access to our app will NOT change and all current admin permissions will stay the same.

Will my storage of items change?

No, all of your swag currently stored at our fulfillment center in Denver, CO will remain at our fulfillment center with our same fulfillment team managing the packing and shipping of your orders.

Will the decoration of my items change?

No, all of your swag currently produced by Printfection will continue to be produced by our network of trusted suppliers and decorators.

Can I now use CustomInk with my Printfection Account?

No, this is not an automatic process. You will continue to leverage your Printfection account to request and setup new items in your swag catalog. You will continue to have access to our robust network of vendors and catalog!

Is there a timeline for full platform integration?

We will be sure to communicate a clear timeline as we partner together with Custom Ink but at this time there is no defined plan or timeline for a combined platform integration. 

Please note our continued dedication and commitment to supporting your swag needs will stay the same! We are excited to be able to offer even more resources and share more best practices in our efforts to deliver on our core mission: to elevate the swag experience for our customers and your swag communities!

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