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Follow Customer-Sourced Order Process (sending items to Printfection)

What is a customer-sourced order?

Our Customer-Sourced Order (CSO) process allows you to send your own shipments to Printfection’s fulfillment center! Customer-sourced inventory enables you to keep Printfection at the center of your swag management strategy while providing additional flexibility to: 

  • Get an existing stash of promotional items out of your office
  • Return leftover or reusable promotional items back into your inventory after an event
  • Self-source “the 1%” of promotional items Printfection can’t produce

This feature is available on our Standard and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Within the Printfection platform, customer-sourced items function the same as Printfection-sourced items. And for most items, you can seamlessly switch back-and-forth between self-sourcing and Printfection-sourcing. You can also return goods (regardless if Printfection sourced them or not) back to your inventory – perfect for decluttering leftover swag after an event!

How To Get Started

  1. Identify the items you want to send in! (See the Disallowed Goods section below)

  2. Fill out this Customer Sourced Items Form

  3. Once each item has been submitted through the form, your Customer Merchandise Manager can start setting those items up in your account. We cannot begin the item setup process until each item has been submitted individually through the Customer Sourced Items form above.

    Please be sure to share a High-Resolution Photo for each item (this photo will serve as the main item image in your account, so try not to hold the item when photographing it and be sure to use good lighting if possible!).


  4. If the item is sized, please include the entire size range you intend to ship in (for example Small, Medium, Large, XL, etc) on the form.

  5. After each item is added to your account, you can now place your customer-sourced order.

  6. Be sure to add tracking to your order(s) to help our team locate and process your swag shipment faster. We cannot receive customer-sourced orders without a tracking number!

  7. Once your shipment arrives at our warehouse and a tracking number has been added to your order, it will typically be received into your inventory within 5 to 7 business days.

Disallowed Items

Please refer to our help article: Storage and shipping of disallowed goods 
Additional items we are unable to receive via CSO are: custom boxes, food, large electronics, and unbranded items.

Timing Considerations

There are two different timing considerations you need to be aware of:
1. The time to create customer-sourced-inventory items within your account (see step 3 above). Depending on the number of items you've submitted via the form, the customer-sourced item setup process can typically take between 7-10 business days. If some items are more important than others and need to be setup and received more quickly, please let our team know so we can prioritize those items for you!

2. Once the items are received at our warehouse we will need around 5-7 business days to physically count them, stock them, and have them added to your available inventory (step 7 above).


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