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Follow Low Inventory Alerts - How to set these up within your account

Video How To

In order to set up low inventory alerts, follow along with the video below.

Inventory Alerts - Step by Step

When you log into Printfection, you will be notified of any items with Low Inventory when Alerts are turned on. This is helpful when there are items that you are distributing frequently that you would like to replenish when quantities are low.



To set these alerts up, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Levels under the Inventory tab.
  2. Click the + button on the left-hand side next to the item you wish to turn alerts on for.Screenshot_2023-03-17_at_13.06.49.png
  3. Check the "Enable" option to the right of the item and then type in the threshold quantity so that you can then receive notifications.Screenshot_2023-03-17_at_13.11.51.png

By enabling these alerts, all those with Print Permission Access or higher (see Permissions article here) will receive a weekly email highlighting which items are meeting the low inventory threshold (example below).










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