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Follow Inventory: FAQs

We know the idea of storing inventory remotely is a little odd at first. This FAQ addresses some of the most common questions our customers ask.

Common questions about inventory

Q. Do I have to know when or how often I’ll use my inventory?

A. Not at all! You can use your inventory whenever and however you’d like.

Q. Does my inventory expire?

A. Never! Use your inventory now or three years from now.

Q. What’s the minimum inventory I can purchase?

A. Minimum quantities depend on the product you are purchasing. For example, apparel typically has a minimum of 50 pieces whereas bottle openers have a minimum of 250. 

Q. Are shipping costs included in the price?

A. Since you can use your inventory however and whenever you want, it wouldn’t make sense to include shipping in the price. When you dispatch inventory from our facility, you’ll be charged for shipping at that time.

Q. Are there storage fees for my inventory?

A. It's all wrapped into your monthly pricing plan.

Q. What happens when I run out of my inventory?

A. You can easily replenish your stock by placing and Inventory Order in the Printfection Item Manager. See our article on How to Buy Inventory

Q. How do you print the items?

A. We offer a ton of print methods based on the garment. Apparel is almost always silk-screen printed.

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