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Follow Using kits in Giveaway campaigns

This article covers how to use kits in Giveaway campaigns.

  • For an intro on what kits are and how to create them, click here.
  • For a how-to video on how to create a Giveaway campaign (with a kit), click here.

Adding a kit to a Giveaway Campaign

Go to Campaigns, then Giveaways, and then either click on an existing campaign or create a new one. Go to the Items Tab for that Campaign.


Then click the Add Items to Campaign button, and choose your kit. Kits have a blue background and an icon for every item in the kit and items have a grey background.


When your end user receives the Giveaway link, they can select the kit. If it contains sized items, like hoodies, they will be able to choose their size.

You can also have a men’s kit and a women’s kit if you include gender-specific items.

If there are no sized items (like just a bundle of mugs, pens, and notebooks, for example), they will simply select the kit.

Please note, when adding a kit to a Giveaway Campaign, drop-in items will not be sent with the kit (as we cannot ensure they would fit inside the box.) 

Note: When an order is made through a campaign, the recipient of the kit will be able to see sized items if they are in the kit so they can verify their sizing. For example, in a Giveaway Campaign, when redeeming the giveaway the recipient can select their on size for any clothing item in the kit but the rest of the contents remain a surprise.

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