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Influitive is a powerful rewards tracking system. Users receive points or rewards for doing certain things. Influitive users are then able to redeem those points for Swag such as those items set up within Printfection.
The integration to Printfection allows for the recipient to redeem their points via a storefront within Influitive. Once an item is selected and the address has been submitted, Printfection fulfills the order and ships directly to the user.
Note: You will need to set up a Collections campaign within Printfection. See here for a guide on how to.
Setting up the integration
In order to get going with the integration, there are a number of steps to take within Printfection first.

Influitive + Printfection - Where to find API key and Campaign ID - Watch Video

Watch the video walkthrough above or follow along with the steps below.
  1. You will need to gather your Printfection API key (Click here when logged into your account)
  2. You will also need the campaign ID. This can be found in the URL e.g. In this example, the Campaign ID would be 306087.
  3. Save this information as you will need to provide this to as part of the setup process.
Setting up within Influitive
Please follow along with the video below on how to activate the integration and build out your storefront.
Where to find Item ID (2 minutes 5 seconds into the video above)
  1. Navigate to the Inventory tab when logged into Printfection (Direct link here)
  2. The Item ID needed for Influitive is ID in the Printfection store Inventory (e.g. ID 8246988 as seen in the example below).
Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 12.14.17.png
Once set up, the recipient of the rewards/points will log into Influitive. Once they redeem their gift and enter their mailing address, the order is sent to Printfection via the integration.
NOTE: A Printfection Admin user will need to log in to approve these orders before shipping or turn on auto-fulfillment. Follow this guide here for how you can auto-fulfill these orders, saving you time processing each request. From there Printfection will fulfill the order and ship items to the recipient with no intervention needed on your behalf.
If you would like to push data from Printfection back into Influitive after an item has been redeemed (e.g. Order Status, where the item was sent, etc), we will need to know the endpoint URL for where to push the data back to in Influitive. Please connect with your Customer Success Manager to learn more.
Should you have questions about the setup in Influitive, please direct all questions to
Should you have any questions relating to API key, item IDs for your SKUs within Printfection, please reach out to us at
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